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Maintenance services for air conditioning, refrigeration, electricity, painting, plumbing, drywall and minor gray work.  With agility, reliability, efficiency and  Quality Assurance, in Honduras.

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Supply, installation,  preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance (repair) of air conditioning equipment  and Refrigeration for residential air conditioning,  commercial and automotive, with equipment of all kinds: mini split, cassette, package,  ducts  and the like, taking care of the useful life and energy performance of each  unity for our clients.

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Installation and corrective and preventive maintenance of electrical installations helping you to prevent failures that interfere with the operation of your company and improving the performance of the energy consumed.

Installation of lamps, showers, heaters, electric fences and more.

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Professional application of acrylic paint, enamels, adhesives and waterproofing. We work with the best materials and the best staff, achieving fine interior and exterior finishes.

Design and execution of minor gray work, wall renovation, installation and repair of plasterboard. All with high quality standards.



Installation and preventive and corrective maintenance of hydro-sanitary facilities.

Installation of dishwashers, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, cisterns and more.

Repairing water leaks, repairing tanks and much more!

Enjoy  the quality of our services

With more than 20 years of experience, we are the fastest company in maintenance services of

air conditioning, refrigeration, electricity, painting, plumbing, drywall and minor gray work for the conservation of  facilities and buildings. We work  with guaranteed quality and lead times that exceed the industry standard. We cover Francisco Morazán, Olancho, El Paraíso, Choluteca, Valle, Comayagua,  The  Peace  and Intibucá; the rest of the country is covered for corporate clients by contract.

Check that we are the fastest in maintenance!

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